What Equipment Do I Use? Part 1: Portable Studio

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Welcome to the first in a series of blog posts with my recommendations on what equipment you should use for white background photography.

Lighting. It’s the most important thing, period. It is the main thing you need to consider in any setup you choose.

For a portable system I use the Foldio2. I have backed multiple products of theirs on Kickstarter and it just works really well.

For me, the most important aspect I was looking for in a portable photo studio was that it had ample lighting and was actually portable. It would need to be easy to safely pack in my car and quickly set up at my destination.

Before I used the Foldio2 as my default portable photo studio I used ProCyc’s MyStudio PS5. We’ll talk about this studio in a later blog post. There are definitely aspects of the PS5 that are much better than the Foldio products. But it is a lot harder to transport easily so it is no longer what I use when I’m going offsite.

For $75 you get everything you need to start taking photographs with a pure white background. If you’re on a budget just save up and buy this rather than trying to make something yourself. This works really well and is going to give you a much better result than using construction paper or a blanket and finding lamps and bulbs that give you the correct and consistent color temperature. Plus, all of that is usually not very portable.

The Foldio products also come with multiple background colors such as black and grey and a green which works well in a chromakey application. They also have a nice iPhone app which allows you to control of saturation and has a chromakey functionality that works well with this studio if you wanted to take pictures with your iPhone’s camera.

I would still recommend using a DSLR or modern mirrorless camera with this though as you will get a better picture and have more control over various settings which are helpful in a product photography setting.

Overall I think it is a good product that excels at being portable. It is a good starter studio for keeping at home too. I have ran into a few issues with the magnets coming loose that required using some superglue but for the price it has been a very pleasant product to use for the past few years.

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